Seasonal Weight and Speed Restrictions

How does that affect you and us? If you are ordering a dumpster for concrete, shingles, or anything else potentially heavy we need to know. Give us the address and we will check whether your road is all-season or not. As of last week, we are limited by the amount of weight we can haul in our dumpsters on non-all-season roads.  If you get behind our trucks who are “going slow”, please keep in mind drivers have to obey the law and travel a maximum of 35 miles per hour on a restricted road. We look forward to warmer weather and the lifting of these restrictions come spring, hopefully much earlier than May 1.

If you would like to read more about seasonal weight and speed restrictions, here is a more thorough explanation taken from the Kent County Road Commission Website:

What are Seasonal Weight and Speed Restrictions?
The intent of seasonal weight and speed restrictions is to protect the integrity of non-all-season roads when frost is coming out of the ground.
Normal legal loads must be reduced by approximately 35% and truck vehicle speeds reduced to 35 mph. Unless a roadway has been designed and constructed for heavy vehicle loads year-round (aka all-season road), a significant loss of strength occurs during a seasonal thaw period. As frost melts beneath a paved road, the roadbed turns wet and spongy because water is trapped between the pavement and the remaining ice layer beneath. Permanent cracks can occur when trucks and heavy equipment travel over the compromised road, and the damage to the road is directly related to the amount and frequency of the loading applied.
State law mandates the institution of weight restrictions from March 1st to May 1st of every year, but the statute also allows the Michigan Department
of Transportation and the county road commissions to implement those restrictions earlier or suspend reduced loading, depending on weather and road conditions.